63. Phylogenetisches Symposium

Species Concepts and Speciation

24 - 26 November 2023

What is a species? - This seemingly simple question has been addressed by many generations of scientists and continues to be the subject of controversy. The symposium will give an overview of diverse species concepts and discuss their respective conceptual value and practical significance. In order to highlight and discuss the different aspects on species concepts and speciation, we invited seven speakers (see below). In addition to these invited talks, we offer the possibility to present a poster. We would like to conclude the event with a final discussion (moderated by Stefan Richter, University of Rostock).


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We will offer food and drinks during the icebreaker on the 24th November in the Zoological Insitute (Loitzer Straße 26), for which a contribution of 30 Euro (to be paid in cash) will be charged.

Invited Speakers

Of Species and mountains - ontology, operationalism and grey areas in the philosophy of species

Frank Zachos, Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria

Species concepts for asexual lineages

Elvira Hörandl, University of Göttingen, Germany

Reconsidering the significance of species concept discussions in the face of 'Dark Taxa' and biodiversity decline

Rudolf Meier, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany

The ecological species concept and ecological speciation

Sean Stankowski, ISTA, Vienna, Austria

Species "concepts" as lines of evidence - a practical approach to the units of biodiversity

Julia D. Sigwart, Senckenberg, Frankfurt, Germany

Is a general species concept possible?

Bernhard Hausdorf, LIB, Hamburg, Germany

Incorporating the speciation process into species delimitation methods

L. Lacey Knowles, University of Michigan, USA

Moderator of the final discussion

Stefan Richter, University of Rostock, Germany
Program at a glance

24.11. | 19hs - Icebreaker (Zoologisches Institut und Museum, Loitzer Straße 26)
25.11. | 9-18hs - Talks and Poster Session (Alfried Krupp Kolleg, Martin-Luther-Straße 14)
26.11. | 9-13hs - Talks and Final Discussion (Zoologisches Institut und Museum, Loitzer Straße 26)

Martin Haase
Michael Schmitt
Peter Michalik
Gabriele Uhl