EVO|MEC lab - Macro-Evolution, Comparative Biomechanics & Biomaterials

We explore the diversity and evolution of function in biological materials and animal traits. We are especially interested in the origins and evolutionary consequences of superior performance in biological materials, and in the interactive evolution of constructed (extended) phenotypes and body morphologies. In addition, we aim to understand the evolutionary dynamics and functional trade-offs of modified body shapes, such as in ant-mimic spiders, and contribute to the documentation of biodiversity in poorly studied faunas of the world. We are funded by the European Commission - European Research Council and the German Research Foundation.


Dr. Jonas Wolff

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 420 4243

Open Thesis topics 2024 - Master, Bachelor

We are offering a range of thesis projects on animal architectures, behavioural ecology, comparative physiology, the evolution of locomotion, evolutionary morphology, or taxonomy and systematics. Click on the links below for pdfs with short descriptions of the individual projects. We are also available to host a self-chosen topic if it falls within the broader range of the lab's research topics. Although, we primarily work on spiders, we also welcome proposals involving other taxa (including animals, plants and fungi). Please contact Dr Jonas Wolff for more information.