Prof. Dr. Peter Michalik

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Curriculum Vitae
2022 Adjunct Professor, University of Greifswald, Germany
2016 Habilitation, Zoology, University of Greifswald, Germany
2006 Ph.D., Zoology, University of Greifswald, Germany
2001 Diploma, Biology, University of Greifswald, Germany
since 2008 Research Associate, American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA
since 2007 Curator and Assistent Professor (wiss. Mitarbeiter), Zoological Institute and Museum, University of Greifswald, Germany
2005 - 2007 Research Assistent, Zoological Institute and Museum, University of Greifswald, Germany
2002 - 2005 Fellow of the German National Academic Foundation
2001 - 2002 Research Assistent, Zoological Institute and Museum, University of Greifswald, Germany
Professional Activities
since 2022 elected member of the advisory council of the International Society of Invertebrate Morphology (ISIM)
since 2016 assessor for "Zoology" at the council of the German Society for Biological Systematics (GfBS)
2011 - 2014 speaker of the section "Morphology" at the German Zoological Society (DZG)
since 2011 co-speaker of the section "Curators" at the German Society for Biological Systematics (GfBS)
2010 - 2016 elected member of the council of the International Society of Arachnology
since 2010 treasurer of the German Arachnological Society
2010 - 2022 elected member of the Senate of the University of Greifswald
2008 - 2010, 2012 - 2022 elected member of the faculty council of the University of Greifswald
Editorial activities
since 2020 Taxonomy - Editorial Board
since 2016 Arthropod Systematics and Phylogeny - Editorial Board
since 2014 Journal of Arachnology - Subject Editor (Morphology and Physiology)
since 2013 Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution - Editorial Board (section: Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology)
since 2013 ZooKeys - Global Editorial Network (Subject Editor for Morphology, Reproduction and Data managment in Araneae)
since 2011 Zoologischer Anzeiger - A Journal of Comparative Zoology - Subject Editor (Chelicerata, Onychophora, Tardigrada)
Reviewer for scientific journals funding agencies

Journals: e.g., Arthropod Structure & Development, Aquatic Biology, BMC Evolutionary Biology, Biological Journal of Linnean Society, Biology Letters, Biological Reviews, Cytoskeleton, Ethology, Entomological Research, Frontiers in Zoology, Journal of Arachnology, Journal of Ethology, Journal of Morphology, Journal of Natural History, Journal of Zoology, Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, Micron, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, PLoS ONE, Scientific Reports, Systematic Biology, Tissue & Cell, Zoologischer Anzeiger, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, Zoological Studies, ZooKeys, Zoology, Zoomorphology

Funding agencies: NSF, DFG, ANR, DFF

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B.Sc. und M.Sc. - Kandidat:innen

  • Felix Bossong (M.Sc. candidate) - Butterflies on the Isle of Hiddensee
  • Panagiotis Kontos (M.Sc. candidate) - Taxonomy of harvestman
  • Mattes Linde (B.Sc. candidate) - Male reproductive system of fishing spiders
  • Tobias Mainda (M.Sc. candidate) - Taxonomy of rove beetles


Dr. Christoph Muster


Zoologisches Museum

Dr. Elisabeth Lipke

ehemalige Doktorandin und aktuelle Projektpartnerin

Zoologisches Museum

Loitzer Str. 26
17489 Greifswald


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  • Lipke, E., Michalik, P. (in press). Evolutionary morphology of the male reproductive system and spermatozoa of goblin spiders (Oonopidae, Araneae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Sentenská, L., Pekár, S., Lipke, E., Michalik, P., Uhl, G. (2015). Female control of mate plugging in a female-cannibalistic spider (Micaria sociabilis). BMC Evolutionary Biology 15: 18.
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  • Lipke, E., Hörnschemeyer, T., Pakzad, A., Booth, C.R., Michalik, P. (2014). Serial Block-Face imaging and its potentials for reconstructing diminutive cell systems – a case study from arthropods. Microscopy and Microanalysis 20: 946-955.
  • Michalik, P., Ramirez, M. J., Wirkner, C.S., Lipke, E. (2014). Morphological evidence for limited sperm production in the enigmatic Tasmanian cave spider Hickmania troglodytes (Austrochilidae, Araneae). Invertebrate Biology 133: 180-187.
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  • Michalik, P., Piacentini, L., Lipke, E., Ramirez, M. J. (2013). The enigmatic Otway odd-clawed spider (Progradungula otwayensis Milledge, 1997, Gradungulidae, Araneae): Natural history, first description of the female and micro-computed tomography of the male palpal organ. ZooKeys 335: 101-112.
  • Michalik, P., Aisenberg, A., Postiglioni, R., Lipke, E. (2013). Spermatozoa and spermiogenesis of the wolf spider Schizocosa malitiosa (Lycosidae, Araneae) and its functional and phylogenetic implications. Zoomorphology (DOI: 10.1007/s00435-012-0166-z)
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Professional Affiliations
Arachnologische Gesellschaft e. V. (Arages)
Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft (DZG)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie (DGE)
International Society for Invertebrate Morphology (ISIM)