Biological Safety

According to § 15 Biostoffverordnung, each researcher, doctoral student or BSc-/MSc-candidate has to go through a physical exam at the medical service of the university clinic before being allowed to work in laboratories handling biological materials which may potentially contain hazardous ingredients as pathogenic bacteria or viral contaminations.

Please contact your group leader for obtaining the papers (link to the form below) you need before you contact the physician (Frau Dr. Rutscher, Tel: - 5347; Mail: betriebsarztuni-greifswaldde) responsible for taking care of health issues of the university staff.


Collection of Methods regularly used by Group Members (for internal use)

2 x concentrated PBS/vanadate solution for protein extraction

Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation for 1D-Gel Electrophoresis (Protein Separation, SDS-PAGE)

Bradford Assay, Cuvette
Protein Concentration Determination according to Bradford (1976)

Bradford Assay, Plate Reader

Protein Standard Solutions for Gel Electrophoresis

1D-Gel Electrophoresis
How to perfom 1D-Gel Elektrophoresis (Protein Separation, SDS-PAGE)

Ponceau S-Staining of Nitrocellulose-Blots

Protein Transfer/Western blotting
Transfer of Proteins from SDS-Gels onto Nitrocellulose/Nylon-Membranes and Western blotting

How to perform measurements of intracell. Ca2+ conc.

How to use the Fluoromax-3 spectrofluorimeter for measurements of intracell.  Ca2+ conc.

How to perform measurements of intracell. Na+ conc.

How to use the Fluoromax-3 spectrofluorimeter forcmeasurements of intracell. Na+ conc.