Lothar Kämpfe Publikation Award

The "Lothar Kämpfe Publikation Award" was founded in 2008 in honour for the life-time achievement of our Emeritus Prof. Dr. Lothar Kämpfe and is awarded to young researcher of our institute in an annual basis. 

The award will be given to the leading author for the best publication of the previous year (date of the printed version or online version with DOI).

Guidelines for the Application

Applicants must be the leading author and a member of the institute in the year the study was published. Nominated publications must be related to a B.Sc., M.Sc. and/or Ph.D. project. Papers as part of a Ph.D. thesis will be only considered in the first year after obtaining the PhD degree. Every member of the institute can nominate a publication by sending a pdf-file to the managerial director until 31st march of each year following the respective year of publication.

Selection Criteria

Group leaders and Post-Docs of the institute judges the application based on the following criteria:

  • originality (hypotheses, theories, models, etc),
  • relevance for the respective field of research,
  • quality (methods, analyses, implications),
  • presentation of the data and
  • reputation of the journal in the respective field of research.



Year Awardee Publication
2022 Carolin Mundinger Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288: 20210508.
2021 Philip O.M. Steinhoff Journal of Comparative Neurology 528: 1883-1902.
2020 Gerlien Verhaegen Zoological Letters 5:5
2019 Gerlien Verhaegen Organisms Diversity & Evolution 18: 425-441
2018 Susan Zielske Journal of Biogeography 44: 195-206
2017 Caroline R. Schöner Journal of Ecology 115: 400-411
2016 Michael Schöner Current Biology 25: 1-6
2015 Elisabeth Lipke Journal of Morphology 275: 1238-1257
2014 Daniela Fleischmann Current Biology 23: 1-5
2013 Katrin Kunz Animal Behaviour 83: 511-517
2012 Lara Lopardo Cladistics 27: 278-330
2011 Andy Sombke Chemical Senses 36: 43-61
2010 Sabine Ziesemer American Journal of Physiology - Lung Cell Mol Physiol 296: L470-L479
2009 Isabell Karl Oikos 117: 778-788, 2008
2008 Stefanie Bauerfeind Evolution 61: 2374-2385, 2007