Timon Möller

B.Sc. Student

Zoological Institute and Museum
General and Systematic Zoology


Research interests

Communication between and within species is based on signals, e. g. for species recognition, locating mating partners or for predator-alerts. Transferring these signals can happen on many levels (e. g. chemically, visually or acoustically), but most of the time underrated is communication via substrate- and airborne vibration. In my bachelor thesis I will work on vibratory communication in nuptial gift spiders (Pisaura mirabilis). This spider is common in Europe and is inhabited in semi-shrubs and herbaceous plants up to 50 cm. In specific I will focus on vibratory signaling during courtship of the adult males towards different stages of development of female spider.

There is hardly known something about vibratory communication in P. mirabilis; it is known that e.g. males vibrate with their opisthosoma if confronted with female web-silk. In my project I will analyze how variable this substrate borne vibrations are and to what extinct the male can distinguish between the different stages of development of the female (subadult, adult – virgin, adult – mated).

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Curriculum Vitae
since 10/2015 Study of Biology (B.Sc.), University of Greifswald