Dr. Jonas Wolff

Project Leader

Zoological Institute and Museum
General and Systematic Zoology

Loitzer Str. 26
Building 3.3, Room 0.52
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 (0)3834 420-4243

Research Interests

I am a Project Leader at the Zoological Institute and Museum of the University of Greifswald and a Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow at Macquary University in Sydney, Australia. My research can be best labelled as 'evolutionary biomechanics', i.e. I aim to clarify the evolutionary origins and effects of outstanding physical performance of biological materials, structures and organisms. This is crucial for the understanding of the biological roles of organisms (such as in predator prey interactions) and their change over time. Furthermore, my research helps to identify interesting model systems that can inform technological innovations in a process called 'biomimetics'. Besides, I am interested in the phylogenetics, systematics, biogeography and functional morphology of arachnids.  

I am currently working on the project “A window into key events of spider evolution: Tracking the phylogenetic history of a phenotypically dynamic clade of spiders - the Austral marronoids”, which is funded by the German Research Foundation.