Summer internships

PhD student Monica Sheffer hosted two interns this summer to work on projects related to metabolomic responses to different winter conditions in Argiope bruennichi spiderlings.

Jasper Murphy and Kate Miller, bachelors students from UC Berkeley, stayed from May 26th to August 17th, 2019. 

Monica applied for and received funding for Jasper's internship through the RISE DAAD Germany Program. Jasper's project focused on the detection and abundance of cryoprotectant molecules in A. bruennichi spiderlings using GC-MS. Kate applied for her funding through the Berkeley-Greifswald Research Fellowship program, run by our International Office here at the University of Greifswald and the Institute for European Studies in Berkeley. Kate's project aimed to test the homeoviscous adaptation hypothesis in A. bruennichi by investigating the fatty acid composition of spiderlings, also using GC-MS. 

Both projects were in collaboration with the working group of Prof. Dr. Michael Lalk in the Biochemistry department at our University.

Interested in doing a summer internship in our group? Contact Monica or Philip, who are both offering RISE DAAD internships again for the summer of 2020!